The Art of Photography

2024 Workshop

The Art of Photography workshop will focus on the creative journey. I’ll guide you through my creative process and how you can start producing work that is authentic to you. We live in a very fast paced time where we are expected to produce high quality work constantly - but is this sustainable? How can we create our best work if we are burnt out and producing work that doesn’t feel authentic to ourselves? I truly believe that the best work is created when it comes from your heart and soul. There are many strategies allow you to create this type of work and I would love to show you how you can start.

There will be a styled photoshoot, curated and guided by me, followed by an info/Q&A morning. I will also go through how I attract my ideal clients and the path to creating your own brand/style.

About Me

I graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts Photography degree in 2017 after 3 years of study. Do I think you have to study a degree to be a photographer? Absolutely not! Most of the best photographers are self taught - I was just expected to go to University for something and ended up falling in love with photography (much to my asian parents dismay). However, I do feel like I gained a lot from my studies, as the main focus was the art aspect of photography and how we were challenged to think creatively and taught how to do so. Like anything, you can either pay for your knowledge with time and experience, or you can pay someone to teach you and fast-track the process, and even better if you do a combination of the two. So, now you can pick my brain about everything I learnt & from my experience, without the huge HECS debt!

Workshop Topics

Workshop Topics


We will go through lighting during the styled shoot, then in the info session we will discuss all other aspects of lighting & different lighting situations.


There are so many different props and tools to achieve a variety of looks.


How to think of and execute concepts/themes. This is such a good way to get out of creative ruts.


How to pose clients and using prompts to get the most out of your photoshoots.


How to present your work/portfolio in a way that attracts your ideal client.


We will discuss the importance of having intention and purpose with your work

Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Melbourne

Sunshine Coast

8TH JUNE 2024
2 spots left
Exact location TBA

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